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8 Empowering Women Fighting the Climate Crisis

by Eve Cuthbert on 0 Comments

We have seen some drastic climate shifts in the past few decades. These past developments have affected our planet negatively. The Australian bushfires and the East African droughts are evidence of those severe climate changes. These are naturally occurring disasters, but the real cause of these disasters is unsustainable and overexploitation of natural resources, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions. Our actions cause a great deal of risk to our daily lives. We endure consequences like downsizing in labour forces, fewer salaries, no bonus, and many other industries trying to tackle these circumstances every day.

Men and Women encounter these crises differently. Women face different struggles that are more intense and strenuous comparatively than men in a similar situation caused by climate change. Around 80% of people who got displaced by climate change were women. But these women have not lost hope and are working hard to turn things around. They are paving their way back and fighting strongly side by side for their rights. Women are working in male-dominant sectors like law, science and activism, are doing significant work that has a great impact on the women in our society.                                                    

1. Greta Thunberg (Youth Activism)

Greta Thunberg


Greta is a young and enthusiastic environmental activist who was born in the early 2000s in Sweden. She has worked remarkably to address the dangerous outcomes of climate change due to our actions. Greta started a movement called 'Fridays for Future' in 2018 while skipped school to protest outside the parliament Fridays. She also had a banner that stated 'Skolstrejk for Klimatet' means school strike for climate. Greta inspired thousands of students by her movement, due to which many strikes had seen around the globe. Greta has refused to travel by aeroplane and has become vegan because both aeroplanes and livestock emit harmful gases that are destructive to our environment. She has set an extraordinary example of her strong character and her actions as an individual.                                                                                                                         

2. Miranda Wang (Invention)

 Miranda Wang


Miranda is an inventor who wanted to stop the plastic crisis by finding a solution to recycle non-recyclable waste. She is one of the few women who has created an impact by fighting against a brutal force that kills millions of aquatics lives every year. Approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean every year. Miranda co-founded an organisation called 'Novoloop' to recycle plastic waste by using advanced chemical technology. Her outstanding work got recognition throughout the world, and she received the 'Young champions of the earth' award from the UN environment programme at the age of 24.

3. Rhiana Gunn-Wright (Policy)

Rhiana Gunn-Wright


Rhiana is a climate policy director who was born in the late 80s. She lived her whole life in South Chicago, where the pollution was extreme, and due to which she got asthma. She got also appointed as a policy lead in a campaign for governor of Michigan. She joined 'New Consensus' and worked side by side with the Sunrise movement to develop an environmental policy.

4. Kate Marvel (Scientist) 

Kate Marvel


Kate is a climate scientist and a determined person who works to resolve climate change. Though she had her PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge, she changed her field to climate science and energy. Kate works side by side with NASA in research and development to fight against this extreme climate change. Apart from this, she is a writer who constantly makes us aware of the dangers of the climate crisis that we can face in the future. Dr Marvel is a passionate woman who wants to change the current condition of our earth and make it better for the future.

5. Tessa Khan (Law)



Tessa is an environmental and human rights lawyer who had done a great deal of work fighting for the cause. She co-founded a litigation network that works on legal cases related to climate justice. Tessa also established a company named "Uplift" that's sole purpose was to make the UK fossil fuel-free. She achieved the climate breakthrough award in 2018 and enlisted in the top 15 women leading the fight against climate change by Time magazine.

6. Christiana Figueres (Diplomacy)

Christiana Figueres


Christiana is a Costa Rican diplomat and has worked in various environmental departments such as climate change, energy, sustainable development, and other leading departments. She assigned as a leader of the UNFCCC, which was responsible for the international climate-change negotiations. She was the one who made the Paris agreement successful in limit global warming. Christiana has fought hard and devoted her life to this cause, making our planet a better place to live for our future generations.

7. Isatou Ceesay (Activist)

Isatou Ceesay


Isatou is a Gambian social activist and environmentalist. She studied in Gambian technical training institute. Later on, she founded a recycling centre in her native village along with four other women. She got inspiration while working in the Peace Corps and learnt about plastic wastage and its impact on the environment. She started recycling on a small scale with the help of her sisters and created recycled plastic bag. Due to her brilliant work, she received the 'Difference Maker' award in the United States. Apart from this, she is a great speaker and a writer who continuously works to fight for the cause of recycling plastic.

8. Ellen Page (Communication)

Ellen Page


Ellen Page is an actor and activist who explored environmental racism plaguing generations of indigenous and black communities in her home province, Nova Scotia, Canada. Page directed her passion into a new documentary based on Waldron's work, which observes the health impacts of environmental racism and the efforts of affected communities.

The Oscar-nominated actress unveils a darker side of her home province in "There’s Something in the Water," a documentary on environmental racism in Nova Scotia, Canada. She co-wrote, co-directed and narrates. Based on social scientist Ingrid R. G. Waldron’s book, the film shows three large nonwhite communities struggling with environmental disasters caused or threatened by industry or governmental neglect.

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