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8 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for All

by Eve Cuthbert on 0 Comments

2020 has been harsh on each one of us but if your love has stood strong and unaffected till 2022, let us help you to make it stronger! 

Valentine's Day is around the corner! This can be exciting for all but stressful for a few, if you are running out of ideas to make the perfect gift for your partner. Well, we got you! We have come up with some amazing gifting options to show some love to your better half. If you are not the roses and bouquet kind of person, these vegan gifting options are all you need.

Check out our promising valentine's gift ideas: 


1. Makeup Brush Set

Your partner or friend may already have a vegan makeup. How about giving a vegan make-up brush? Make a perfect addition to your loved ones makeup collection this Valentine by giving an environmentally friendly gift of love that they will use every day.

Auklett Bamboo Makeup Brush Set

The Bamboo Starter 11pcs Makeup Brush Set is just awesome. Moreover, these are made from sustainable fast-growing bamboo. These are just perfect replacements for the ever-growing plastic makeup industry products.

It includes brushes for bronzer, foundation, eyeshadow application, blusher, concealer, blush, eyebrows, shadow brush, lip, contour, mixing brush, etc. It is convenient to travel and carry. 


2. Hamper of Skincare Tools

Some individuals may be fond of skincare products and tools to help apply them effectively. Why not give your loved ones something which they love? The reusable cotton pads and Sponge set facilitate deep cleansing for skincare. Not will they just love it but thank you for digging deep down into their requirements and giving them something useful.

Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads With Konjac Sponge And Bamboo Storage Pot – Pack Of 20 (Multicolour)

This set includes 20 reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads, a cotton mesh laundry bag, a natural Konjac Sponge and a bamboo storage box. The material used is super soft and made from bamboo. Moreover, it is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, thermal regulating and very absorbent, perfect for sensitive skin, dry/sensitive skin and oily/normal skin.

This set will be an excellent gift for a person who is a skincare enthusiast and looking to reduce their waste.


 3. A Vegan Lip Balm

Slip a handy lip balm into your loved ones bag this Valentine. Trust us, they will thank you for this.  

Bergamot & Orange Lip Balm is Vegan and smells great. It is made from soy wax rather than beeswax. It is ideal for instant hydration whenever they need it.

Bergamot And Orange Lip Balm (Vegan) – 22g

It is cruelty-free and made from 100% natural ingredients. The lip balm is made with shea butter, cocoa butter and almond oil. This makes it very moisturizing and softening for lips.


4. A Metal Straw

Are you an eco-conscious individual? A metal straw is an eco-friendly yet stylish way to show your love to family members and friends. This plastic-free reusable straw is a good option to move towards sustainable living. Whenever your partner will sip hot or cold beverages with this metal straw, they will be reminded of you. 

Auklett Single Metal Straw With Straw Cleaner And Carry Pouch

The packet comes with a Straw, a Straw Cleaner and a Carry Pouch. It is made from food-grade aluminum. It is hygienic and recyclable. The bag is made from 100% cotton and is compostable and recyclable. 


5. Digital Gift Card

Are you Looking for an exemplary gift for someone who is eco-conscious but not sure what to buy? The Gift Card is a great way to let your loved ones choose their own ethical and eco-friendly goodies, ethical goodies from the Auklett Store. In this way, you will do a favour to both your partner and this planet. You can simply choose the amount and you will get the gift voucher code via email. 



6. Bamboo Cutlery Set

If your dear one is planning to get started on their eco-journey, they will adore this Kit. The Bamboo Cutlery with Plates and Reusable Pouches Set is the sustainable and plastic-free solution to single-use cutlery when eating away from home. 

8 Set Reusable Bamboo Cutlery With Bamboo Plates And 2 Travel Pouches – 8 Plates, 8 Forks, 8 Knives, 8 Spoons

It has all your partner/ family/ friends needs for eating and drinking outside: a fork, a knife, and a spoon with a handy pouch. Next time they plan for picnics, BBQ's, parties, outdoor functions and camping, this will be handy for them. It is perfect to help your loved ones in their plastic-free journey. 


7. Lemongrass and Orange Hand Soaps

When was the last time you spent quality time together? Fragrance can make special times extra special. These soaps are bombs to spark love. This nicely made soy soap not only looks beautiful but has a great scent that will set you in a good mood and relaxed for hours.

Natural Hand Soap Bar - Lemongrass And Orange 100g

The soothing smell of lemongrass and orange is made using cold-press soap making methods. This handmade traditional hand soap has the zesty freshness of Lemongrass. It is perfectly balanced with Orange in a gorgeous natural soap that is gentle. 


8. Bamboo Toothbrushes

The set of bamboo brushes is the best sustainable solution to sustainable living. The ergonomically curved handle enables a tight comfortable grip for brushing with precision. The wavy bristles pattern is all set to give your partner or friends a natural feel. They will get the same clean sensation that they would get from any plastic toothbrush without damaging the environment!

Auklett Bamboo Toothbrushes – Pack of 4 (Numbered)

The toothbrush set comes with 4 toothbrushes, each with a number. The best part is that our bamboo toothbrushes has been extensively tried and tested. People have appreciated this unique concept and so will your partner or family or friends do. 


Other Gifting Options

With such a wide variety of vegan and unique options, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is easier than ever. Every gift will be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. This will make sure that your present resonates well with the values of your partner because we all should spoil our beloved with love and presents.

On the other hand, novelty gifting options could be boring to a few. In this case, you show your love by giving your time. Time-honoured ways include making personalised meals, baking cupcakes, and watching love-themed films.

You can also make your loved ones feel special by booking sessions of dancing, yoga and adventures. When your love is pure, anything and everything you do is going to leave your partner amazed.

Check out the products on offer at Auklett!


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