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9 Eco-friendly ideas for a green Christmas this year!

by Eve Cuthbert on 0 Comments

Finally, after a challenging year, the festival of happiness is here. Despite the hardships we have faced, this is the perfect occasion to inflict upon humanity. With this opportunity, we can bring our close-ones together again. But, by acknowledging the current situation and threat that still exist between us.


1. Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees / Using Fake or Real Christmas Trees

There is a big debate over using a real or a fake tree. But both have its pros and cons. For instance, earlier this year, we faced a catastrophic event of Amazon Rainforest Fires. It threatened our climate severely, so chopping down trees is not the best option right now. An alternative is to use a fake tree made up of sticks and twine. You can use it next year again as well. But if you opt to buy a real tree, then make sure that you compost it well and give it to the Christmas tree farms which grow them throughout the year again.

2. Reuse Christmas Decorations from the previous year

Everyone wants their Christmas decorations beautiful and different from others. Yes, this sounds like a competition, and it is. Who wants their Christmas decorations to be simple and common every year? But, while decorating their home for Christmas, people tend to forget about the environment, what opportunities they have in front of them to help nature. Instead of buying new plastic decorations and disposing of them later, find something in your house that can be useful, for example, plastic bottles in making DIY ornaments and many other things that can turn into a beautiful piece of decoration. If not, try going vintage this year. Visit second-hand shops and find exciting decorative items that no one has.

3. Biodegradable & Scented Candles

Christmas decorations without candles are incomplete. Candles express a welcoming feeling to one's home. Lighting candles on the Christmas Eve make your decorations a hundred times more beautiful. But, we have to be careful in choosing the right type of candles which are Eco-friendly and reusable. Many candles contain plastic and other harmful chemicals to keep the candles burning for a longer time. But, there is always a second option. Use Eco-friendly and organic candles made of beeswax, coconut wax, rapeseed wax, Soy wax or natural vegetable oils. These candles are better and beautiful in every aspect.


4. Reduce the use of Lawn illuminations this Christmas

As we talked before, the decorating house is a competition. People love to decorate their gardens as well, with multi-coloured lighting and with spotlights. But, they forget about the energy consumption and wastage. It harms not only the environment with light pollution but also disturbs the nocturnal animals nearby. There are many other energy-saving led outdoor lightning options which are better and consume less energy.

5. Environment-Friendly Gift Wrappers

Exchanging gifts is an essential part of this season. Everyone waits for this time of the year to receive presents from their loved ones. Selecting gifts for your loved ones is not that difficult but 'how you wrap it' is the crucial part of all. The best way to keep it Eco-friendly is by using recycled wrapping paper or newspaper too can serve a wrapping purpose with a jute bow on it.


6. Ethical Gifts for Your Guests

How about a change this Christmas? Instead of buying gifts that contain plastic or harmful chemicals when disposing of to waste, we should opt for zero waste gift options. Those gifts are much valuable and sustainable.


Auklett is an online store in the UK with the motto "reduce & reuse..." Auklett offers Christmas gift sets which are of the highest quality, Eco-friendly and sustainable. For someone who loves to travel, you can gift them Auklett's 'travel kit,' contains all-natural and sustainable materials. All-natural and vegan-friendly gift can be a good option too. Auklett offers 'Natural Soap Bar' in four different kinds of scent accommodating everyone's interest.

7. Hand-made Gift Cards or E-Cards

Exchanging gift cards is one of the most joyful and oldest traditions of Christmas. But those cards lose their meaning once thrown away. Almost a billion cards go to waste each year. A better option than the gift card is an E-card or Electronic card. There are a couple of advantages in using an E-card. You can edit it with whatever image or emojis you want to without restrictions. You can write a message of your own choice. In these Covid-19 times, one should maintain social distancing. What is a better option than sending an electronic card? But if you still want to give a gift card to keep up the tradition, you should go for hand-made cards which are more sustainable. You can also make a card at your home and decorate it with any available materials. You can find many ideas on the internet on how to DIY a card. It will be a fun activity doing it along with your children.


8. Reduce Food Wastage

Big meals on this festive occasion are all we expect. People cook a large amount of food so everyone can eat and enjoy at their fullest. But, doing this, they lose track of the amount of food they prepared, and at the end of the day, the food goes to waste. This wasted food emits a harmful gas that is dangerous for our Ozone layer and is the cause of climate change. Best way to reduce the food waste is to freeze the leftover or donate it to someone who needs it.


9. Use of Bamboo Cutlery

Everyone is expecting a gathering at this time of the year. People mostly buy disposable plastic cutlery such as plastic cups, plastic straws and plastic plates to accommodate their guests. They are cheap, and you can dispose of easy to throw away. But, in our comfort, we tend to forget our part in causing pollution.

Auklett has the best solution to this problem. Their 'reusable bamboo cutlery set' contains 24 different items, completely natural, made from bamboo and 100% Eco-friendly.

With all of these tips and ideas, we wish everyone a happy Christmas. May this occasion bring happiness to you and your family. Stay safe everyone.


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