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A Sustainable Gift Guide for All

by Eve Cuthbert on 0 Comments

Human connection is an energy exchange between people who are paying attention to one another. It is a warm feeling that we need to motivate ourselves to live a better and happy life. To maintain this connection, we have to show care and affection to those who are close to us. There are countless ways of doing so and exchanging gifts is one of the virtuous ones. It strengthens the bond with the people we love, but, on the other hand, we should consider the impact the gift makes. 

We have many occasions to celebrate each year, most of which involves exchanging gifts between loved ones. There are several steps included in the normal gifting procedure. First, we select a perfect gift, secondly, we wrap it to create a surprise and thirdly, we hand it to our loved ones. 

But, before buying the perfect gift make sure you think thoroughly. Is your gift an Eco-friendly option and has less effect on the environment? We must steer clear of the unnecessary contribution in wastage. The statistic shows that between Thanksgiving and New Year's, we contribute 25% more to the trash than any other time of the year. These actions have serious consequences, such as an increase in the ocean and air pollution. The amount of wrapping paper used for gifts is huge and once it has been used, it is thrown away. 

Every occasion is different from others and holds a special meaning for us. For example, on birthdays wishes we gift something that suits them according to their personality and liking. Thanksgiving is a family occasion, where you cook special meals and enjoy it with a get-together. This year we should change our approach and opt for more Eco-friendly options that will contribute to the betterment of our environment. So, here are some sustainable and Eco-friendly gifts ideas for the whole year around.

A long-lasting gift

Of course, everyone wants to give the perfect gift to their loved ones, but, what is the meaning of a perfect gift? Would it be used once or twice and then discard? These questions must come to your mind when searching for a gift.

  • Clay or wooden pot is a green and sustainable idea of gifting. If the person is a plant-lover, this is the perfect gift for them to add to their collection. Moreover, when they will grow a plant in that pot, you sure are contributing to the improvement of our environment. 
  • A bamboo cutlery set is the perfect ethical gift with multiple benefits. It is plastic-free, re-useable, strong but light material, and long-lasting. Here at Auklett, we are thoroughly committed to providing you with biodegradable, zero-waste, Eco-friendly and ethical products of the highest quality, across a broad range of categories. Re-usable bamboo cutlery set by Auklett contains 24 amazing items that are 100% Eco-friendly.


  • Wooden frames would be a perfect gift to your loved ones with a picture of your best memory with them. It also serves as a constant reminder of your love and affection.
  • Storybooks or novels is also one of the sustainable gifts for young adults and kids on birthdays. Despite giving toys that probably contain plastic or other harmful material, we should give books. Reading books is a fun activity that has plenty of benefits. It increases literacy skills, is informative, and helps in increasing language skills too.

A one-time serving purpose gift

Disposable gifts are another way to express love on different social occasions. This type of gift serves a single purpose that contributes to minimal wastage. Below are some sustainable ideas for gifting: 

  • A voucher for a salon or spa: Surprise your loved ones by giving them the gift of time. It would be the best way to avoid any unwanted waste in our environment and it also saves us from the hassle of choosing giftsSometimes it can be hard to choose the perfect present, so make your life easier with a personalised gift voucher. 
  • E-gift cards: Give someone special the choice to find the perfect eco-friendly & ethical gift for themselves with personalised e-gift cards. A redeemable gift card is the best option because they can buy anything of their own choice and saves you from the trouble of choosing and worrying whether they will like it or not.


  • Cooking their favourite meal: This is one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones. It expresses that you love and care as you invest your time in preparing their favourite meal.

Eco-Friendly and Green gift ideas

Humans have played a major role in the devastation of the environment. The idea of Eco-friendly gifts is to participate in the prevention of further damage to our environment. 

  • Wrapping paper/cards: Instead of buying a new wrapping paper, we should use newspaper or brown paper as a replacement. Don’t buy a card as it will be discarded, instead of this, bring out your creative side, DIY a card reusing the items that you already have at your home. 
  • Ethical gifts: Auklett has a variety of gifts that are plastic-free, vegan friendly, and are hand-made. Our 'New Home Gift' box consists of 7 different items such as 24 pack of cutlery and 20 square plates. Bathroom Gift Set contains 5 daily use items that are 100% Eco-friendly. For example, a natural soap bar that has 4 different scents.


  • Biodegradable and scented candles: The majority of candles contain toxic chemicals and plastic. Being cautious in choosing the right type of candle is the ethical step. Organic candles made up of vegetable oils, beeswax or rapeseed wax are the best alternatives. 


The custom of exchanging gifts will carry on forever. However, protecting our environment must be our priority. With these beautiful and sustainable gift ideas, we can save our environment from this grave danger. Celebrate these occasions with your loved ones and spread happiness by exchanging gifts. Stay safe during these times and stay blessed.


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