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Ten eco-friendly hobbies that will make the world a better place

by Eve Cuthbert on 0 Comments

During the last decade, our actions have posed some serious threat to all humanity; even a small act has a drastic impact on our world. We have faced severe climate changes and their consequences. We have several proofs of these climate changes, such as Australian wildfires and East Africa droughts. The emission of greenhouse gases due to burning coal and deforestation also leads to global warming. As humans, we have exploited our natural resources, and farming livestock also increases the greenhouse effect and global warming.


Sometimes, we may think that our small actions have no impact on our environment, like walking down the street to get groceries rather than using transport. Many people do not realize this would create any difference, but in reality, it does. The personal choices we make daily can help in the betterment of our environment. Each action has a long-term impact on our planet which means we cannot see changes in a jiff. A building needs time to be built brick by brick. Just like that, we can see changes in our climate over the years, step by step.


Below are some Eco-friendly hobbies that are fun and advantageous to our environment, and we can opt for them without any difficulty.


1. Go Vegan

Around 50% of the world habitable surface is by food production that creates one-fourth of the greenhouse gas emission. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, meat and dairy products alone are accountable for approximately 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Most scientists believe a change in diet may have a crucial impact on the overall change in the betterment of our climate.


We know it is difficult to go vegan, but if we start persuading ourselves by learning the benefits of going vegan, it reduces the amount of meat and dairy products that we intake can make a huge difference. There are delicious recipes out there to try, such as hamburgers and cheesecake on YouTube that you can easily make in the comfort of your home. 


2. Gardening

Gardening ins’t just beneficial for the environment; it is more valuable for our body than we think. Growing fruits and vegetables are healthier and taste much better because they are organic.


It helps in relieving stress and promote sleep. Also, gardening is an exercise; cutting grass, shoveling, and digging are some vigorous exercises. 


3. Upcycling

Transforming unwanted or useless materials into new or better products is called up-cycling. We should avoid buying unwanted things, and we should use the unwanted material in our home and convert it into beautiful items such as the shade of a lamp or a picture frame. Upcycling needs imagination, determination, and material to get started. If furniture works perfectly but has lost its charm, we don’t need to buy a piece of new furniture. But we can repaint or use new fabric to give it a fresh look as we like.



4. Outdoor sports

Hobbies that involve staying fit and a healthy lifestyle are the perfect way of giving back to yourself and the environment. On journeys where we can cycle instead of using vehicles, we can minimize our carbon footprint. On the other hand, we can also save hundreds of gallons of fuel over a year. Gyms use a large amount of energy to run. But, if exercise outdoors like walking, running and hiking is the best alternative to using gyms.


5. River/Beach clean-ups

One of the biggest problems that we face today is the drastic change in the climate. One of the main reasons for climate change is the garbage we dispose of in the oceans affecting aquatic lives. Whenever we have time to spare, we should arrange beach clean-ups. Beach clean-ups with family and friends can be a nice outing on the beach, along with our contribution to the betterment of the environment. 


6. Become a beekeeper

Becoming a beekeeper is not an easy hobby to take on. It requires practice, patience and once you get a hold of it, it can become a highly sustainable hobby. It also needs a lot of research and determination. The number of bees has severely reduced in the past few years. But, this hobby can help to encourage bees as they are vital to our planet. Another advantage is that we can have 100% organic honey, and we don’t have to worry about preservatives or artificial flavors. 



7. Save electricity

Adopting certain habits in our lives can help our world to become a better place to live, such as use daylight instead of bulbs, turn off those unnecessary lights, make sure all the electronics/appliances are off when not in use, consume less energy by lowering your thermostat and switch to efficient LED bulbs to reduce our carbon footprint by 70%. 


8. Repairing items 

Repairing household appliances can make a huge difference in energy saving. It can also save money and give you the satisfaction of fixing the defective item. This way, you are giving the damaged item a second life instead of throwing away. It lies in the definition of reusing and is a 100% sustainable effort. 



9. Eco bricking

Eco bricks are the ultimate solution to our problem to decrease the impact of plastic pollution. Eco brick is a plastic bottle packed with used plastic to a set density. It makes sure that plastic waste is for long-term and short-term usage. The plastic used in the bricks gets properly cleaned before converting into a project such as a piece of furniture and other small structures.


10. Volunteer with green charities

There are some green charities  who work for the cause of a better environment. There are many impactful activities to which we can contribute, such as planting trees, educating people about our environment, conservation and reforestation. 


Opting for any one of them and adopting them as a hobby can make a big difference in the betterment of our environment. Even a little action has a substantial outcome. These Eco-friendly hobbies will keep you busy and may help you find a new passion.

Go green!

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Together, we will make a difference! 

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