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What is Self Care and Why You Should Start Practicing It Right Away?

by Eve Cuthbert on 0 Comments

Statistics suggest that the number of searches for self-care have shot up tremendously in the last five years. The pandemic has given everyone enough time for introspection. And, I would like to acknowledge you for your efforts on the same. You might be wondrous how I know you are one of these people. Well, it is because you have landed here to read this blog on Self Care.      

Happy reading to you!


What is Self Care?

Self care comprises disease prevention, mindfulness, fitness, self-medication with or without consultation from a certified healthcare expert on an individual, family, or community level. It leads to emotional, societal, and physical betterment on a long-term basis. It can pave the way for a healthy mind, soul, and body in an individual.

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Self-care is a rather broad concept and may not be summed up in a dictionary definition. It includes everything from practicing good hygiene to good eating practices to physical fitness. I must say, it is a major public health resource. They say, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Well, even the littlest bit of self-care if practiced well can keep multiple problems at bay.


Types of Self Care

We believe there are six types of self-care, and they are all imperative:

1.     Emotional Self Care

Each day when you retire for bed at night, do you feel a sense of emotional fulfillment? Did you let yourself indulge in enough things that interest you in the past twenty-four hours? If you did not then, please go on and indulge in some introspection and make sure to change this from tomorrow.


“Be your own reason to smile.” Here are a few emotional self-care ideas for you:

  • Introspection and meditation
  • Seeing a mind coach, therapist

2.     Physical Self Care

I think it is time that we start asking “How are you?” on a very elaborate level. How is work? How is your body doing now? Is your knee fine now? And, more so let us start asking that to ourselves. If the answer is no, we must change it.

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  • Yoga, work out
  • Calisthenics
  • Dancing freely to the beats of your favorite singer
  • Pampering your skin

3.     Mental Self Care

Don’t we get bouts of happiness and sadness sometimes? Ever wondered, why? Because that’s the mind’s way of responding to situations. Go easy on yourself and make peace with the fact that life will never be the same.

Ups and downs are inevitable just like a straight line of the heartbeat signifies death. Develop a positive attitude, and always be thankful for whatever you have. While you are cribbing about your 2BHK being utterly tiny, someone out there is sleeping on the footpath.

  • Listening to a TED Talk
  • Reading a book
  • Trying a new or long lost hobby
  • Write a journal, be grateful.

4.     Environmental Self Care

Our surroundings determine a huge part of our mood. How a dirty and messy house can exasperate us so much! It is crucial to maintain our surroundings appropriately such that they do not become a hindrance to our workflow.

Many people dream of working from the mountains, well they cannot do that at all times but, they surely can make their surroundings biophilic!

  • Decluttering your wardrobe (every six months)
  • Mindful and thoughtful shopping
  • Organizing your workspace frequently
  • Organize your kitchen
  • Delete all junk mails, keep your mailbox clean

5.     Social Self Care

While social interaction is fulfilling and problem-solving, it can also get overwhelming at some times. Work out a moderate key for yourself and accordingly adjust your social behavior and societal interactions. You need not solve all your problems without your best friend’s advice but, you need not take all ten calls in a single day.

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6.     Financial Self Care

Be grateful for all that you have. But, don’t forget to be a smart financial planner. Install a suitable application if you need to or see a financial advisor. Money is powerful and it has the power to determine quite a lot of things right from the quality of food you eat to the quality of education you can give to your kids.

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How to practice Self Care?

There is no definitive recipe to Self Care. The idea of self-care varies from person to person. While it can be pampering your skin after a long shoot for someone, it can be sipping chamomile tea for someone else. However, the following are few things which when made a part of your lifestyle can lead to betterment.

Over time as you will practice it, you will eventually figure out what works best for you. Also, there might be things you already practice.

1.     Balanced Diet

Stay away from processed foods. Have rainbow meals. Without balanced nutrition, one or the other medical infection will make its way into your body.

2.     Sound Sleep

This is easily one of the most neglected steps. The sad part is sleeping less, overworking is glorified as hard work and success in today’s world. This is utterly wrong and needs to stop. Please check your sleep cycle and ensure 7-8 hours of sound sleep each day. 


3.     Say No to Drugs

Avoid drugs and alcohol as much as possible. They do more harm than good. Why let momentary pleasure take away weeks and months of hard work you have done on your body.

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4.     Make Time for Yourself

Indulge in your hobbies. Bring up all the things you loved to do, but haven’t been able to do.

Take a break. You need not be doing ten things daily. Slow down, listen to a podcast. Go out for a shopping spree. Speak to your best friend.

5.     Make Time for Your Loved Ones

If you die tomorrow, your professional group will get another person to do your job, but your loved ones will never be able to fill your void. They will remember you every day and mourn your loss.

6.     Practice Hygiene

Make hygiene a routine for your body, your house, your pets. So many medical problems can be prevented by this easy step.

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7.     Go Sustainable When You Can

Let’s not leave a single stone unturned to leave a better planet for posterity. What if I tell you every single plastic toothbrush you use is harming the planet? As many as a billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away annually in the United States.

Now imagine the number on a global level! So, go on opt for a sustainable option. A thing as little as a sustainable toothbrush can make a difference.

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8.     Mental Wellbeing

While we do so much for our loved ones every day, we must not forget to love ourselves first, too. Because, in the long run, these little goals we set for ourselves which we failed to achieve might take a negative toll on our health.

Love yourself and make time to do all the things you love. It is the sure-shot key to unparallel happiness.

9.     Ask For Help When You Need To

See a healthcare professional when your body is giving the signals. Do not wait for it to get worse. Self-care is not about doing everything alone. Make your loved ones, and your doctor an integral part of it whenever necessary.


Why Practice Self Care?

Practice Self Care because it is advantageous in so many ways. So much has been said about Self Care and yes, there is enough evidence on the Internet how Self Care can benefit you in innumerable ways.

1.     Boosts Physical and Mental Health

Vitamin pills and supplements are not the answer to all problems. Some problems can be dealt with with self-care. After practicing self-care, it is highly likely to observe changes in your sick leaves.

2.     Increases Positivity And Lowers The Risk Of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression

Once we develop self-compassion, no external forces can break us. It empowers you to deal with problems practically and in a much better way than before.


3.     Better Self-Control And Better Problem-Solving Abilities

Helps cope with problems better. Look, the thing is everyone out there has got problems, it’s just that some people’s battles are visible to all while the others might be dealing with the same on a personal level.

We all need stress busters. However, sometimes this stress can go humongous, and dealing with it won’t be a cakewalk. Prepping yourself for it in advance can help combat the battle better.

4.     Can Enhance Productivity

I have seen how parents burden their toddlers with guitar classes, music lessons, mathematics Olympiad preparations, cycling altogether. Wait, just slow down dude!

Ask your little one which of them is she enjoying and would like to continue. Chose one or two and then see her productivity. Do not stress her out in the race of doing and achieving everything.

5.     Helps Maintain Calmness

We often get a fit of temper when life hits back hard on us. Self-care mechanisms can help cope with such situations better. If you gave your best, why stress? If what just happened was not in your control, why crib?

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6.     It makes You a Better Caregiver

While at some point in time, you used to crib and constantly complain about how your stepmom contributed nothing to your education! Now, instead of doing the former, you will feel the urge to take care of your child in the best possible way.

You will become better at caring for your loved ones. But, do not forget “You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.”

Get started with self-care right away, do not delay practicing it.


Myths about Self-Care: 5 Facts You Need to Stop Believing

1.     Self-care is selfish

Don’t we all crave for a little “me-time” and we take a break from the regular. Yes, that’s pretty much it. Get up and take some time for yourself. Trust me, you will feel so so much better!

2.     Self-care Consumes A Lot Of Time Every Day

Allocate some time for your favorite relaxing activity daily. Listen to your favorite song, make your favorite chamomile tea. Buy that bergamot lip balm you need. Do not put self-care at a back stand! It has to be your priority.

By the way, you can find numerous products to help you in self-care at

3.     Self-care is Not for Everyone

Some say that self-care is the cure for diseases. It is practiced by people who are mentally ill. Well, the littlest of life’s actions from preparing your bed tea each morning count as self-care. Knowingly, unknowingly you have been practicing it.

Self-care has no rules and it is meant for everyone. The only difference is the way of execution and the time one can give for it.

4.     Self-care is Solely Self-pampering

Absolutely not! Yes, pampering yourself is a part of the bigger picture. But, there is more to self-care than self-pampering. It nourishes and conditions your mind for emotional fulfillment and happiness.

5.     Self-care is Expensive

Anything that makes you feel better, go for it. Understand the idea of financial self-care and execute it. If self-care was something money could buy, the rich would be so happy and cheerful.


Final Words

We sincerely hope that this blog has motivated you to get your self-care game strong. After all, if we don’t care for ourselves who else will? Listen to your body and respond with the needful. You will thank us and yourself later.  


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