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Zero Waste Homes – Beauty and Personal Care

by Eve Cuthbert on 0 Comments

Zero waste is a circular material cycle, where the lifetime of products is extended manifold, by harnessing maximum longevity out of them with variegated and smart use. This, in turn, reduces the need for more landfill space since what would have ended up in the landfill today is still at your home.

Landfills are capable of extreme harm, particle inhalation from them can cause multiple birth defects. The choice is yours: Tonnes of waste or zero waste?

Yes, Zero Waste sounds hollow, fake, impractical, and nearly impossible to achieve a thing. However, it isn’t. The very lovely Bea Johnson has been living by these ideals for a decade by now. Oh yes like millions of others we find our inspiration in her too. While Bea Johnson is the master of this, we are trying our best, too. Her mantra goes like Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.

When you reduce the clutter in your workspace, kitchen, bookshelf, mailbox, your get paid back by a simpler, efficient and better life. Cut the crap, step into the Zero Waste gamechanger today.

Zero Waste Home

With so many options for everything, sustainable and reusable products have hit the market by storm and are creating a rage. While it is possible to make the switch, why don’t we make it?

I would like to give you some time for deep introspection and ask yourself some questions:

  • Why do you purchase plastic water bottles, when you can opt for glass and steel?
  • Why carry plastic bags to run errands?
  • Why use plastic toothbrushes when you can use bamboo ones?

Well, I understand you have been considering the cost parameter here. But, if you calculate the shelf life of your plastic product and, that of a sustainable product you will understand how it is almost the same. 

Why Chase ‘Zero Waste’?

You want me to give you ample reasons to stick to ‘Zero Waste’. Here they are:

  • Aids in the conservation of available resources. All we have is this planet. If we don’t get wiser anytime sooner, worse times are on the way.
  • Manufacturing the same product from recycled materials is a tad bit easier than making it from scratch with raw materials.
  • Reduces unnecessary expenditure.
  • Improves the mental and physical health of everyone at your place.
  • Lowers plastic pollution and usage.

Switch to a Greener Lifestyle

A greener lifestyle begins at home. Why make the switch?

1.     Be a Plant Mama.

Why opt for indoor air purifiers when you can have real plants? Go on and do some study on the lighting conditions at your place and, understand which plant would love your home a lot.

2.     Buy from the Local Market. 

Carry your jute bag. Now, why is this highly recommended? Firstly, you can walk to your local market and, do I even need to mention the hundreds of benefits of walking.

Secondly, you are cutting down on the so much packaging clutter which your doorstep delivery parcel would carry. And, yes you are helping your local vendors sustain themselves. 

3.     Purchase Recycled Paper Stationery.

If you are a book lover, you might not like my suggestion. But, opt for more e-books. Why encourage the manufacturers into making more paper?

We all know how they are made. And, the truth is one day or the other the books will eventually end into waste.

4.     Chose Your Fabrics Wisely.

Thrift whenever you can. It is not always about dressing up chique. Give thought to sustainability while making purchases. And, this is best done offline while visiting the store.

5.     Bath, Don’t Shower

Embrace bathing. The number of liters that go in both is not even comparable. Avoid showers as much as you can. It is very much possible to have a luxurious and relaxing bath at home, find some beauty oils, natural flowers.

Remember you are to read the ingredients list carefully before making a purchase. Do not end up buying sulfate-laden products.

6.     Reuse the Water You Washed Vegetables With.

Your plants will thank you for this. The water is laden with so many nutrients. Your plants will surely love it.

7.     Reverse Osmosis Filter Water Wastage

It is no closely guarded secret anymore that RO causes so much water wastage. While those who already have this setup may choose to find better ways to put water to good use. Those who have not made this purchase are requested to opt for other alternatives.

8.     Reuse Your Empty Cosmetic Bottles.

Before you throw your spray hair serum bottle, remove the spray bottle from your shopping list.

All you need to do is thoroughly wash your used bottle and, remove the outer product label if you wish to. Voila! You are good to go.

9.     Use All-Natural Products.

When so many natural skin care products are found in the kitchen, why opt for chemicals? Skincare is a routine, and it doesn’t come in one day unless of course you are blessed with good skin.

Whenever possible, whip out a natural oatmeal scrub rather than a plastic-packaged variant. (Do not forget to take your dermatologist’s advice on this one.)  

10.  Upcycle Your Plastic Waste

Use your plastic bottles, till they are worn out. Upcycle them into a watering can, plant pot, pen stand. There are endless possibilities. Put your thinking cap on and do some craft.

Zero Waste: Beauty And Personal Care Products

As many as 150 billion units of packaging are produced by the use of beauty and grooming products annually. These numbers are alarming. Aren’t they?

Well, yes the use of certain beauty products is unavoidable and we are not asking you to compromise with any of that. We want you to reconsider purchase and packaging techniques that are unhealthy.  

Beauty is a very unsolicited term. While some associate it with a perfect base, flawless contour, matte lipstick we humbly believe in care for your skin, body, and ultimately mind. Your body is your temple and, anything that is unhealthy in any way be it its manufacturing practices, or the packaging that adorns the foundation bottle, should not be fed to your body.

There are some products, the very name of which makes us reject eating them but, knowingly unknowingly we tend to use them in our so-called beauty and makeup products? C’mon, I won’t eat it but, I will apply it to my arms and face. It will anyways absorb into your body!

If we care for our skin and body regularly pretty much as we care for the plants daily, we won’t need to cover up and purchase extra ten products to hide acne marks, wrinkles. I am in no way saying that regular skincare will wholly prevent signs of aging and acne. They might come otherwise, too.

However, a whole new level of reboot and reconsiderations of set beauty standards is imperative.


It is high time that we reboot our brains into not working on chasing brand names. The next time you are hunting for the favorite Fuschia pink lipstick from this renowned drugstore brand, ask the shop owner to show you a vegan and cruelty-free product. Rethink and recheck the product. Change the way you look at things. Be a smart consumer, do not let animal-tested products enter your household. The fact that you purchase such products somehow sends the message that you have no problem with animal testing.

Animal Testing is still a thing and, shunning brands that are still so cruel is imperative. Why have all the fun and leave a dirty planet for posterity?

Let us walk through some interesting reusable beauty and personal care products, some of which you can make at home while others can be purchased. They will leave you wondering why did you not stumble across them before.

1. Whip your Face Pack

Using Baby products is not the only way to attain baby soft skin. You can mash a banana and top it with a tablespoon of honey and yogurt. Mix this well and apply it to your skin weekly for twenty minutes. This will tighten your pores and enhance your skin texture.

2. Remove that makeup with Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads

 Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads


Ever wondered why the conventional wipes you buy in the market make your skin dry? This is because of their chemical composition which rips your skin off its natural oils thus, making it dry.

 This eco-friendly and reusable alternative to the conventional makeup removing pads is 100% free of plastics. Not only is the product biodegradable and recyclable, but its packaging has also been designed keeping the same in mind. Yes, the packaging is recyclable, too.

Reusable Cotton Pads- Pack of 20 (All white)

Reusable Cotton Pads (multicolor variant) - Pack of 20 (Multicolour)

3. Homemade Shampoo

Paraben shampoos are good, but homemade ayurvedic recipes do next-level wonders. It is no secret that shikakai, reetha, and amla are the secrets of beautiful hair. You can make a herbal Indian shampoo with these ingredients that you can easily source. Long before packaged shampoos began to be sold, these were the tried and tested hair cleansers.

4. Ditch plastic, embrace Sustainable Toothbrushes

Sustainable Toothbrushes

How often do you change your toothbrush? I suppose after a couple of months. This means you alone are producing 6 toothbrushes of plastic waste annually. Assuming there are four members in your household, this accounts for 24 brushes annually.

I am sure you know the figures for the world’s population. Yes, that is the amount of plastic waste the super-thin toothbrush is producing. How to deal with this? Make the switch. Go sustainable. Made with bamboo brushes are biodegradable and, recyclable.

If you have made up your mind, you can find bamboo brushes at  Bamboo Toothbrushes.

What’s more? They are numbered 1 to 4, to avoid any sorts of confusion. C’mon let’s be responsible consumers. Reciting 2 slogans on world environment day is not enough. It is high time that we realize this.

5. Say Goodbye to Plastic Soap Dishes

Soap dishes are usually plastic. Yes, they do last long. But, once they have served their purpose, they add to the already humongous pile of plastic waste. Yes, of course, a better alternative is a biodegradable option.

Natural Wooden Soap Dish


6. Say yes to the all-Natural Cleanser: Konjac Sponge

Natural Cleanser: Konjac Sponge

Don’t we all beauty and skincare junkies swear by Konjac sponges? They are lovely, they cleanse gently yet very effectively. They are the ideal makeup remover. They are made from the Asian root plant and are all-natural. 

Konjac sponge with activated bamboo charcoal

Konjac Sponge with activated bamboo charcoal (round)

7. Lip Scrub

Honey and sugar make for a quick and effective lip scrub. The sugar scrapes of the dry, flaky and dead lips while honey leaves them moisturized and plump.   

8. Vegan Lip Balm

Vegan Lip Balm

Why chose vegan over everything? They help save innumerable lives. Animal-testing involves caging animals and then, experimenting with all sorts of things upon them. They surely didn’t sign up for this.

Now that you know, what animal testing looks like, withdraw yourself completely from this sin. Vegan is safe and, kind to your body.  

Spearmint and Eucalyptus Vegan Lip Balm

9. Natural Soap

Natural Soap

While we value the importance of self-love, we shouldn’t ignore our skin at all. Have you been bathing with chemicals all these years? If you haven’t bothered to glance at the ingredients of your soap all this while, then it is highly likely that you ARE.

The market is filled with soaps that are loaded with artificial fragrances of the very name on which they are marketing their soap. Like dude, you are selling rose soap and it has no roses, it has an artificial pink color and, artificial rosy fragrance. Surely, not wasting any money on these.  Also, beware of triclosan, propylene glycol, and parabens.

On the other hand, you should look out for ingredients such as glycerine, rosewater. They are amazing for the skin.

Finding soaps without these harmful ingredients is a tough task. But, I am sure some market research both online and offline would come to your rescue.

Handmade plastic-free Soap

Duh! Are you still thinking? Go ‘zero waste’, posterity and your older self will certainly love you more for this.


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