The seahorse in our box of Auklett Cotton Buds is Jasper. Jasper lives in eastern Pacific Ocean with his family. Usually Seahorses will attach themselves to seaweed or other floating sea debris to travel long distances, longer than they can themselves.


Recently, these natural resources have been in short supply because our oceans are changing as a direct result of Climate Change. Jasper and his fellow seahorses need to use whatever floating debris is not in short supply – Plastic

Plastic has been found in all 4 corners of the planets oceans, so it is no surprise that seahorses use floating pieces of plastic to replace the natural alternatives because our oceans are so saturated with plastic. I find it deeply sad to think that a beautiful and unique animal such as the seahorse being affected so much by something that we have created and then not taken proper care to dispose of.

Jasper holding a plastic cotton bud was inspired by the  Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalist 2017, Justin Hofman,  represents the bigger picture that our world is facing. Do we really want our ocean filled with plastic or filled with our glorious sea creatures?

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