The Auklett zero-waste swaps are great at reducing waste but that is not all! How and from which materials our swaps are made are equally important.

Responsibly made

How our products are made matters a lot to us. With all our partners, we ensure that strong environmental and ethical standards are respected. To guarantee this, we work in close collaboration with all our partners and help them to develop a sustainable production process to keep a low environmental footprint.

For example, in China we work with a family workshop with who we are nearly in daily contact and
collaborate to create quality products. We have supported them to improve the working conditions, we
help them to purchase tools and equipment on the international market.


The Bamboo materials used to create swaps are crucial. Before each product is made, an in-depth analysis of the different options is done to find the perfect match between durability, sustainability and usability.


Bamboo is truly a wonder plant. It is a symbol of strength, flexibility, and sustainability. This renewable “Superhero” remains impressive when crafted into products. Its strength makes it the first choice to create scaffold in Asia. Bamboo has also natural anti-bacterial properties, which makes it an excellent choice for toothbrushes, cotton buds, straws and cutlery.


It can grow up to one meter a day. This fast grower absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than trees. To grow like this, bamboo requires little water and neither pesticides nor fertilizers.

Zero Waste
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