In 2018, the worldwide carbon emissions rose yet again. Scientists are warning that a reduction of greenhouse gases is urgently needed to reach the climate targets and keep global warming and its devastating effects as low as possible.


The road to CO2 neutrality

The journey towards a more sustainable world is made of two roads: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting natural habitats. We are committed to reduce plastic waste, but we won’t forget about reducing emissions. Therefore, our supply chain and transport are carbon neutral.

Greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming. The pollutants form a blanket in the atmosphere. This blanket trap the heat and acts as an isolation layer. The process warms our planet, leading to a variety of unwanted events such as extreme weather (e.g. floods, heat waves, etc.) and the endangerment of wildlife.

If we all start to act now, we will still create a sustainable world, which we can proudly leave for the next generations!


How are we reducing our carbon footprint?

We reduce our own waste production and greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. But for us, this is not enough yet. We are determined to have a carbon neutral supply chain.


To achieve this, we calculate the total environmental impact of our supply chain. Together with the Carbon Trust, we map down the journey of every product from production till the arrival at the customer. The shipping method, the travelled kilometres and weight are monitored to give an accurate picture of the emissions.

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