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5 Leading Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Bamboo Cotton Pads

by Eve Cuthbert on 0 Comments

Did you know that the use of reusable bamboo cotton pads has emerged as a great alternative to disposable sanitary napkins, cotton balls as well as makeup wipes? Yes, that’s it. Made of 100% bamboo cotton, they are environmentally friendly, recyclable biodegradable in addition to compostable.

Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads

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These innovative facial pads come in striking bamboo containers and are soft, long-lasting, and simply ideal for your sensitive skin. More and more women now prefer using cotton balls and pads as they are fantastic for applying toners, removing makeup, or cleansing the face without having to feel soaked too much. Similarly, being eco-friendly and 100% organic, the sanitary pads work effectively to maintain the needed hygiene when you are on period.

Advantageously, the tiny micro-holes of the cross-section of bamboo fiber help in producing cotton that is fairly breathable and absorbent compared to average or synthetic cotton. With minimal use of agrochemicals and a short-term growth cycle, bamboo fiber is sustainable and are grown under strict international standard. Maintaining the strict standard helps produce bamboo sanitary pads breathable, amazingly squishy, and satisfying absorbent.

Why Choose Bamboo Products

  • The foremost reason why you should prefer using bamboo sustainable fiber is that it has more than 40% of absorption capacity than any kind of finest class of cotton that you can find in the market. The reusable bamboo sanitary pads are found with fleece surface, leak-free, and help keep you dry, easy, and comfortable.
  • Bamboo kun, a natural antimicrobial bio-agent is available in bamboo which provides bamboo cotton its great antibacterial qualities. Fitted with bamboo kun makes them fit to grow without the need of using any sort of pesticides regardless of whichever season it is cultivated. This is because they are resistant to pests. On the contrary, for growing general cotton crops, different types of chemical pesticides are used to prevent the plants from pest infestation.
  • Similarly, rich in antifungal agents, bamboo kun also prevents them from possible growth of fungi and that makes bamboo odor-resistant. All these properties are restored effectively during the process of producing cotton and that keeps the quality of pads intact.
  • Another great plus point of bamboo is being hypoallergenic, the cotton pads made of bamboo don’t affect your sensitive facial skin from the potential allergic reaction as you use them for removing makeup. Similarly, when you use them as a sanitary pad, they don’t lead to irritation or itchiness in your private part.
  • As per studies, on average women throw away around 15,000 disposable pads before in the forms of cotton pads, cotton balls, and sanitary pads during their lifetime. And eventually, the used products reach the landfill. They take more or less as extended as 500 years to abolish. Just with sustainable bamboo pads that last up to 10 years in the landfill and moreover because they can be recycled for producing other cotton fabrics you can help our nature mother by lowering their carbon footprint.


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